Building a Nation Full of Rotten Apples

Building a Nation Full of Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples: the Barriers to Black Progress

We must separate from the rotten apples.

Can you start a new nation with drug addicts, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, prostitutes, gang members and/or drug dealers? How about those that don’t see color or think that blacks coming together to build something while excluding other races is racist? Is constant prayer to God to deliver us without putting in the work going to free us from our oppression? Will race mixing help strengthen the black race or kill it from within? Can the new nation be strong if the members think on an individualistic level, instead of a group level? Everyone knows that a house divided against itself cannot stand. These types of behaviors and thought processes work to destroy a nation, not build it. I liken black people who participate in these behaviors to rotten apples that must be dealt with, but how?

I recently had a conversation with some folks in the conscious community where one person felt strongly that pedophiles or rapists for example, can be rehabilitated, even though  studies show that these people go on to repeat these patterns, leaving many more victims in their wake; with some of these victims subsequently victimizing others as they have been. Another person said counseling is the answer, and still another said having a community is the key to eradicating these destructive behaviors. A few others said that death is the answer to putting a stop to pedophilia. And, when I mentioned that maybe that was the answer, I was told that I was being defeatist, and that these sick individuals can be rehabilitated. On the contrary, I was being a realist, and think that it is  naive to think that all of these hundreds of thousands of bad apples can be rehabilitated and be productive citizens in the new nation. What we would be doing is taking all of our problems with us and the new nation would fail. We would be right back in the same situation as we are right now.

There is no way to “fix” the terminally ill in the black community. Of course, we can’t kill them all, I do agree as one person said, that that is a tactic of white supremacy and not a practical solution (although effective). But, we do have to separate from the rotten apples, lest we all become rotten. You cannot build a community of people from a lot of selfish, mentally ill folks and expect it be strong, resilient and prosperous. Why do I say selfish? Because they only care about their own individualist wants and needs. We as black people have all been victimized in one way or another, and we cannot keep using that as an excuse to go out and victimize others. You cannot save a rotten apple, it has to be thrown out. There is not enough hours in the day or night to counsel all the pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, race traitors, multiculturalists, integrationists, ex-cons, non-black sympathizers, molestation victims, self-haters, gang members and drug addicts; and the list goes on and on. There is only one Dr. Umar Johnson to go around.

But seriously speaking, we cannot save all the blacks in the African diaspora. The damage is too extensive; the RWS machine has been working for hundreds of years, while we have been sleeping; trying to get them to like us and see us as equals. Begging for reparations. Content with buying things instead of producing them. We are losing the war for basic African survival as a result. Most of us don’t even feed or house ourselves; they do. Let’s face facts, many blacks are happy with the status quo, and are not interested in a black nation, because they are Americans; and would rather associate with that. And I can’t really blame them, as a whole, we are an absolute embarrassment on the global frontier. What’s ironic is that we see ourselves as individuals, but other races see us as one big group. Otherwise, why would they keep telling us to go back to Africa?

The only way to build the strong, black nation we claim we want, is to separate from those who work against our best interests: the bad apples. Counseling is a long term solution that we cannot afford to waste time and limited resources on. You can’t build a community with rotten apples; they only get worse, not better, affecting the good apples. Eliminating them all is too messy and impractical. But, separation is doable. Then those of us who really want to build can finally get somewhere, instead of spinning our wheels, steady going nowhere.

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