Negative Nancy Strikes Again!

Negative Nancy Strikes Again!

YouTuber Yvette Carnell

When Negative Nancy strikes, look out! Because if you even thought for a minute that the black race could lift itself out of its current situation as an underclass, she will make sure to tell you that we can’t, and then use statistical evidence (which we all know can be manipulated and used to spin the narrative of the data collector), as proof that you can’t now, and will never attain any kind of social, political or economic power, unless you get a handout (reparations) from your oppressors, which has historically been the government. But Nancy, why is this our only solution? Because you are descendants of slaves! She bellows.

Negative Nancy also says that governmental policy changes is the key to life, liberty and justice for all Africans in America. She says that financial literacy will not help the black community, and that to teach this to black people is ludicrous! Well, Ms. Negative, I say to you that financial literacy is needed in the black community. We need to know how to invest our money and build wealth, instead of depending solely on our 9-5 jobs. We can invest in real estate, stocks, schools or even business startups.

But black people ain’t got no money! They’re descendants of slaves! They hundreds of years behind whites! Whites own er-thing! Yells Negative Nancy. Well, some of us have money we can invest but do not have the financial savvy to get started, hence a class in investing is a great way to gain the necessary knowledge. Others of us spend our money on expensive luxury items like BMWs or jewelry. Still others squander away their money on weaves (which are really expensive BTW), wigs, fake nails, eyelashes, tattoos, rims, drugs, alcohol, online porn, tithes, name brand clothes and shoes. These items amount to billions of dollars per year. Surely if we invested our money instead of spending it on frivolous things, then maybe we’d be ahead of the game by now. Yes, some of us are living paycheck to paycheck, and may not be able to spare any money towards investing. But, I find even some of the poorest people are seemingly able to find money for birthday presents, Christmas, New Years, Easter and Black Friday. Those of us living in abject poverty, maybe not.

Don’t listen to Negative Nancy (or Danny Downer).

We can improve our financial situation if, and only if we practice group economics. There is power in numbers, and while investing as individuals is a great start, making investments as a collective is even better, because instead of one person investing $10,000 for example, 10 people can invest $100,000. See how that works? Not to mention the returns are that much greater.

It really does not take a lot to get started; for example, you can begin by investing in penny stocks (day trading is best for these)*, which are stocks priced about five dollars or less. I know someone who invests only in penny stocks through day trading, and has done quite well, so it can and is being done. You don’t have to be a part of the one percenters club to be an investor. And remember, practicing group economics is the key to economic empowerment, not wishful thinking (reparations).

Only we can set us free.

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*This should not be construed as professional advice. Please consult with your financial advisor.

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