365 Free Food Giveaway!

365 Free Food Giveaway!

Yes, you read it correctly. There is free food, ready for the taking 365 days a year and it’s not sponsored by the government nor is it a food pantry handout. No WIC or food stamps needed. So, who’s giving away this food? God is, that’s who (aka mother nature).

As a society in general, we have become dependent on others to feed us whether it is the grocery store owners, farmers, restaurant owners or the government. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I don’t know of anyone black or white that grew or raised their own food. Fast forward to 2017, and that’s still the case. We don’t even know how many of the foods we eat are grown, like do peanuts grow on trees? No, they grow underneath the ground. I just recently discovered that we can make our own evaporated milk instead of buying it.

I became more cognizant of how dependent we are on third parties to feed us when I was trying to find food in the grocery store that was not genetically modified; not a small feat, I assure you. Additionally, almost all processed food contains GMO soy, and that in itself is bad news. Even if the food we eat is not GMO, it is still processed or treated with or contains chemicals that are not good for our bodies. The joke is that GMO food is cheaper than non-GMO (all natural, no chemical additives or genetic modification). You have to pay through the nose for organic anything; thus giving most poor people no other choice but to buy the GMO brands, in order to make their meals stretch.

If someone gives you a choice, you don’t have one.

But have no fear, free food is here! Where is it you ask? Well, its out on your patio, or out in your back yard. In other words, you can grow it yourself, grasshopper! The concept of growing my own food took root as a result of the almost all GMO food “choices” that were available at the grocery stores, as well as the super expensive price tag on organic fruits, vegetables and organic foods. I had bought a tiny package of organic blackberries for about five dollars. While eating these berries that turned out to be super bitter, I reminisced about how as a kid blackberries grew wild on the side of the road and I used to eat them for free (delicious and sweet by the way). Nuts are crazy expensive too. And so then I reminisced about how growing up, we had a pecan tree in the back yard, free nuts for all. So, then I had to ask myself, why am I depending on someone to feed me, when I can feed myself, and basically for free.

The store owners can charge exorbitant prices for food because they know that we don’t know nothing ’bout birthing no fruits or vegetables! But the truth is that even those living in apartments can grow some of the food that they like in pots out on the patio. Homeowners with back yards or porches can do it as well. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “what you talking ’bout willis?!

I know it sound crazy but it can be done, There are a plethora of spices, fruits and vegetables that can be grown right on your balcony, porch, patio or backyard. How do I start, you ask? Well, get a big pot, some organic seed or non-GMO seedling, soil and go to town. What can I grow on my porch? Tomatoes, bananas, herbs, strawberries, apples, pineapples, carrots, spinach, and cucumbers just to name a few. If you do not have a patio/porch/backyard, then alternatively, you can start or join a neighborhood co-op.

Yes, it is easier said than done. Of course, Google is your best friend when starting out, but have no fear, in the coming months newnation4us.com will be hosting a video series that documents starting a patio garden from start to finish so those that need a little encouragement or do not think it can be done will be able to see it in action.

What’s in your food?

An added bonus to growing your own food is that you know what’s in it and where it came from. We have to stop trusting and depending on others to feed us – the commercial growers are interested in profits, not healthy humans, thus the preponderance of heavily chemical laden and genetically modified fruit, vegetables and meats, despite being labeled organic or all natural. Even with the ingredients listed on the labels, how can we really be sure it contains what it says? We cannot. Therefore, we need to grow our own food to the best of our ability (and stop eating out – those meals are deadly).

Besides, its free, what can be better than that?

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