Bakari Henderson, A Greek Tragedy

Bakari Henderson, A Greek Tragedy

Bakari Henderson

Recently, 22 year old Bakari Henderson was beaten to death by a group of 10+ white men while visiting the Greek island Zakynthos, as reported by the media. Bakari was at a bar with his white friends when an alteration occurred (there have been several different accounts of what happed) inside, and then video footage shows Bakari being chased outside of the bar, getting caught and then beaten to death.

His two friends are shown in the video running ahead of him, and they unfortunately, never turned back to make sure their black buddy made it out okay. And strangely enough, no one is calling his white murderers savages, animals, beasts or demanding their immediate execution. Where’s the outrage? Now, had they been black….

According to his Linkedin profile, Bakari recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in business finance and entrepreneurship. His family stated that he was in Greece working on a photo shoot to launch a new clothing line. So, it seems that he was destined for great success, and would have been a real credit to the black race, had he lived. Or would he?

Bakari Henderson with his family

Bakari’s death was indeed a tragedy, no doubt about that. But the real tragedy lies beneath the surface. When observing the photos that were released showing how he was an all around good American guy, you could not help but notice that all of his friends and love interests were white. The only black folks in any of the pictures were his immediate family. It was also reported that he pledged a white fraternity (seeking white acceptance and connections perhaps). This was the type of brother who would not give a black woman, no matter how beautiful, kind or educated, the time of day. He was definitely on track to being a successful business man, only to more likely than not, marry and share the spoils with a white woman, creating non-black children with her, happily committing racial genocide. Assuming his clothing line would be profitable, the empire would go to his white wife and biracial children upon his death.

So, in effect, Bakari was a credit to racism and white supremacy, not the black race. This, my friends is the real tragedy. That young black men like Bakari who are educated, business savvy, attractive, with no criminal background and just getting started in life, have already turned their backs on the black race, and are readily pursuing a life working with and for the white establishment to the detriment of the black community as a whole.

God bless the new black nation.


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