Biracial People Should Not Be Part of the Pan African Movement

Biracial People Should Not Be Part of the Pan African Movement

The Pan African movement has stated that biracial people (i.e. those with a black father / white mother), are considered “black” and are welcome to be part of our struggle for social, economic and political power across the African diaspora. However, I pose the question, how can the parents of biracial children be unacceptable, and yet the offspring of that union be acceptable? To me, it is a contradiction. How can you say to that biracial person, hey, your black father and white mother cannot be a part of this effort, but you sure can. If the parents cannot participate, then neither should their children.

Although we love to claim otherwise, the children of a black person and another race is not black; it is something else. Black folks are the only race of people that have been suckered into believing this lie, and it has led to self-genetic annihilation, as you can see from the picture above of Jamie Foxx’s daughters by his two white baby mamas (there is evidently some self-hate also going on, but I will not address it here). How can we claim these people as black, when clearly they are not? How can they be true to the struggle when they have a white parent, grandparents and cousins? If you mix white paint with black paint, is the resulting color black? No, it is not. It’s going to result in varying shades of gray, just as biracial children are of various shades. Some say we should not exclude biracial people because they had no say in the matter, but that is the consequence of the black parent making bad relationship choices, hence they have to suffer for it.

If the Pan African movement is to be taken seriously, it has to take a stand and say that in order to be part of this movement, both parents have to be black (and this does not include biracial or mixed persons). As long as we accept biracial people into the movement, colorism, preferences for lighter skin, an allegiance to white kin and subsequently, division, will continue to fester within the black community. Let’s be real, biracial folks think that they are better than so-called fully black people. And many blacks have been conditioned to worship white and light skin, as you will see most black men and to a lesser degree, black women, selecting mates much lighter than themselves. We continue to gleefully assist racism and white supremacy to its fullest.

Excluding biracial people is the only way to rid ourselves of outside influence from the dominant society and their sidekicks, the Asians and Latinos. We should not feel bad about wanting something for ourselves, but we often do once we began race mixing and creating families with people who are not black; thereby creating children that are not black. These biracial people say things like, “I’m both black and white. I do not see color. I have the best of both worlds.” Of course they do not, but they are often delusional in this way. You cannot be for RWS and against it at the same time.

In order to get the Pan African movement on one accord, the biracial element must be excluded. Because if interracial marriage is akin to genetic suicide, how can embracing the offspring of that union be in our best interests as a collective? It’s time to cut that tie to whiteness. We have to let go of them, and let them form their own nation composed of only of biracial people. That way they can embrace both of their races and not feel like they are taking sides against the other parent. They can live the multicultural dream. And we can focus on more important matters like practicing group economics and gentrifying our own neighborhoods, thus making them safe, affordable and desirable for living.


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