White Supremacy is Helluva Drug

White Supremacy is Helluva Drug

The black driver in this video clip from the documentary, The One Percent, is a classic example of the self-sabotaging mindset of Africans of the diaspora. This kind of dangerous thinking has made black people a group of enemy loving fools who think that treating those who use and abuse us with kindness, patience, love and understanding will eventually result in them treating¬†us with “equality” and giving us a share¬†the wealth.

Well, you will be waiting my friends. That kind of thinking leads to poverty, exploitation and oppression for blacks at the hands of all of the other races who do not prescribe to that kind of non-competitive mindset. What’s interesting is that the black man in the the video knew that what he was saying was idiotic; but yet he still holds steadfast to his “values” whilst remaining poor and subjugated by the dominant power structure. He thinks these “values” makes him rich. White supremacy is a helluva drug.

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