Mo’Nique Still Begging Hollywood To Put Her On

Mo’Nique Still Begging Hollywood To Put Her On

Mo’Nique “Gimme a break I ‘sho deserve it.”

Recently comedienne and actress Mo’Nique went on yet another rant during one of her stand up routines about how she has been blackballed in Hollywood. Using quite a few expletives to get her point across, she ended the diatribe with telling Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels to suck her dick (if she had one).

While her position could have been stated more gracefully, and with a lot more class, I get it. She is angry that the black power players in Hollywood are refusing to put her on because she chose to “not play the game” or in layman’s terms, kiss ass. There are a lot of ass to kiss in Hollywood, and if you want to get put on, you have to play the game. She naively thought that winning that Oscar would give her “white privilege” in Hollywood, but that was not the case. It never is, especially for black actresses – just ask biracial actress Halle Berry (even her white DNA can’t help her). Of course, Halle knows how to play the game, and not only that, play to win, up to a point. She still is denied the top roles that white actresses get, but has still gained more significant roles than Mo’Nique after winning an Oscar (biracial privilege).

I did not think that the movie Precious deserved any awards – it was more propaganda to portray black women to the world as obese, foul, loud-mouthed, disgusting and dysfunctional. To be honest, I think that the award was not given for talents sake, but to further the agenda to degrade black women and the black community in general.

My advice to Mo’Nique is to stop begging. Beggars never win. And, she can be successful without them putting her on. I used to go to Mo’Nique’s Comedy Club in Baltimore back in the day – good times. She has a huge fan base, and she can be successful despite Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels or Oprah not willing to go against “Massa” and put her on. She can put herself on. Why not open up a chain of comedy clubs in black communities across the nation? Why not produce and star in her own films? That way she’ll have more control.

How can she do it you ask? By practicing group economics. She can get black investors to invest in her clubs and movies. Black folks are 40 million strong in America – if we support her, then she will be successful without the powers that be. Because we as a group would be the ones with the control and the power.

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