Donald Trump is President?

Donald Trump is President?

A lot of people were surprised that Donald Chump was elected President of the United States in 2016. I wish I could say the same, but nothing surprises me these days. Whomever will help the elite 1%er’s agenda will be the one that gets the post. After all, that was the reason for putting Barack Obama in that role. No, it’s not because whites like us now or are colorblind. Anytime that whites are promoting and backing a black or afro-pean candidate or organization financially, we need to view it as suspect. It will never be in our best interests as a black collective, and those individuals were more than likely put in place to mislead, misguide and misinform African Americans. With this in mind, when politicians like Obama and groups like Black Lives Matter appear, they must be closely examined to see what is really happening.

We must ask, who are their financial backers? If it is private corporations then those groups or individuals are working for them, not the black community. Politicians, individuals and groups work for those that sign their paychecks. Are they making policy or promoting strategies that are in our best interests? I mean black people, not all people. We are the ones at the bottom politically, economically and socially.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be governor, then Trump can be President.

Do not be distracted. While the press was highlighting the executive order that Trump signed banning travel to the US for folks from certain muslim countries (mostly black), you can bet they were downplaying the really important executive orders he has signed; those that will have significant impact on life in America, as well as abroad (especially for blacks). Do you know what executive orders Obama signed? Trump? Clinton? How does it affect black people? We need to focus on them and not the Kardashians or Basketball Wives or sports.

We must do our homework and prepare accordingly.

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