Are Blacks Three Fifths of a Person?

Are Blacks Three Fifths of a Person?

There is a common perception held by blacks in America that the U.S. Constitution declared all slaves (Africans) only three-fifths of a person, because of their perceived inferiority to whites. Many pro-blacks and conscious chitlin circuit lecturers also operate under this misconception, as I’ve heard them say this many a times. However, this interpretation is false. The truth of the matter is that the African slaves (or blacks) were not considered people at all, but property like cattle; a mere means to an end (big bucks, wealth). Honestly, three-fifths was an upgrade from being viewed as an animal like a horse or cow.

The three-fifths rule was actually all about politics or political power (not so much about us). The South wanted more representation in the House of Representatives than the North, in order to maintain the status quo, and so they lobbied for each slave owner in the South to count three-fifths of his slaves or property as “persons,” thus increasing the number of free citizens in the state, and the number of seats in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. This move effectively gave them control of presidential elections. The popular vote (meaning yours and mine) does not determine who wins the presidential election. The Electoral College selects and votes for the candidates that they want to use to further it’s agenda. Like Obama and their new puppet, Trump.

Who cares what anyone thinks about us! We have got to let that go. Racism and white supremacy cannot continue successfully if we stop seeking to be “equal” to whites. It’s crazy to seek acceptance, approval and equality from your oppressors. If they give it to you, that means the end of their control over your life. Stop being so naive!

Now go, and be ignorant no more!

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